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How much money can dental tourism help you save?

Posted by dentalia on Mar 10, 2016 9:38:54 AM


Scheduling a root canal or dental implants on vacation might seem odd but more and more Americans are making appointments with a dentist in Mexico. The trend’s been dubbed “dental tourism”. More than 500,000 Americans travelled out of the country for dental care in Mexico and elsewhere in 2013.

In most countries, dental costs remain expensive and continuously rising as well. Some dental insurance companies do not even cover critical dental treatments and surgeries. As a result, people have to pay heavy bills for their dental procedures.

Dental tourists may prefer dental tourism for various reasons but inexpensive dental treatment costs often attract more people to opt for dental tourism. Patients can easily save up to 80% on various dentistry procedures.

For instance, a dental implant in the USA will cost you around $2,500, whereas dental implants in Mexico at dentalia will cost $800. 

The main advantages of dental tourism are as follows:

Cost saving

Cost saving is the biggest benefit of dental tourism. Low labor and construction cost make dental tourism inexpensive in top dental tourism destinations. People do not have to spend much and do not have to wait for long in order to get their implants done. 

More choices 

The USA has great dental experts but limited and expensive dental treatment choices attract people towards dental tourism. 

People can get immediate dental treatments in medical tourism. Hospitals in dental tourism destinations are equipped with latest technologies and qualified doctors are able to offer advanced dental treatments to tourists. 

Tourism opportunities

Dental tourism is a great opportunity that combines dental care with tourism. People can get their treatments done while enjoying their vacations in an exotic land. 

Dental care in Mexico and elsewhere is beneficial for people who want to get specialized dental treatments at affordable prices. Affordable prices, quality of care, standards of treatment, and availability of qualified dental experts make dental tourism more special.

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